Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Medical termination of pregnancy, or abortion, can be safely performed up to 9 weeks gestation. To learn more about your options with unplanned pregnancy (including surgical vs medical abortion, both of which can be performed in early pregnancy) please see the Children by Choice website

If you are unsure at to what option works best for you Children by Choice can provide free counselling services. Redlands Family Planning are also able to see you for a consult at any stage in your decision making process.

A medical abortion requires the following investigations to be performed prior to the appointment. These can be arranged by your local family doctor (take this list along to them) or by Redlands Family Planning.

  • Pelvic USS to confirm intrauterine pregnancy (no need to confirm viability)
  • STD screen for chlamydia and gonorrhoea (urine or swab)

Please bring the reports for these tests with you or have it faxed to us by your GP or pathology/USS provider.

The appointment for a medical abortion at Redlands Family Planning typically takes 1 hour. Please don’t eat for 2 hrs before and after your appointment. We ensure you are suitable to have a medical abortion (there are some rare exclusions), we complete a consent form, administer the first tablet, advise you on taking the second medication at home 36-48hrs later, then arrange a follow up plan. We can also arrange for ongoing contraception on the day or at follow up (depending on method chosen).

Please be aware that you will experience the symptoms (bleeding and pain) of a medical abortion typically 36-48 hours after the initial medication administration (therefore, usually 36-48 hours after your appointment). Please take this into account when planning your appointment and any time off work. We can work with you to time this as conveniently as possible (by delaying administration of the medication) and can also provide medical certificates as needed.

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